Conditions for car rental in Rhodes

Tenant Qualifications:

To rent a car in Rhodes you must:
It has a minimum age limit of 23 years, with a driver’s license issued at least one year ago, for vehicle categories A, B, C1, Cd, D, D2, D4, Dd, E1, E2 J, J1 and J2. For all other categories, you must be over 25 years old and have a driver’s license issued at least 3 years ago.
Has a Greek, European (for EU countries) or International (for non-EU countries) driving license.


Car rental in Rhodes:
When renting the vehicle, the tenant should have with him:
Valid legal driving license.

Upon receipt of the vehicle, the tenant will be given the Lease Agreement which he will have to check and sign. the corresponding charges.

It is very important when picking up the tenant to inspect the vehicle and report any damage already on it to avoid being charged for damage from a previous rental.


Terms for car rental in Rhodes:
Fuel Policy

The vehicle must be returned with exactly as much fuel delivered. Otherwise the tenant is charged with the equal value of the missing quantity.


Security to third parties
Included in the rental price


Theft and fire safety
Included in the rental price


Full Loss Liability Insurance (F.D.W)
All our cars are provided with the possibility of full insurance without an amount of driver liability that covers all repair costs in the event of an accident. The above insurance is optional and you can request it before the start of the rental. The cost of the FDW depends on the category of vehicle you have chosen


Note: The above insurances do not cover damages caused by violations of the Road Traffic Code (K.O.K.), as well as the destruction of a key, the breaking of windows, mirrors and glass, blows to the lower part of the body, in tires as well as inside.


When the driver causes an accident under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
If the driver of the vehicle is not authorized as a driver in the rental contract
If the tenant does not take all necessary precautions to securely park and lock the car.

If the car is illegally parked.
Damage caused as a result of the vehicle being driven on an unsuitable road.


Cancellation Policy

In case of a cancellation of a reservation made through the internet, during the period of 20 days before the rental starting date, is entitled to claim the amount of the deposit or to keep the deposit.
For the month of July and August there are no refunds.


In case the renter fails to collect the vehicle on the rental start date and time without any written or telephone conversation, Galiis will cancel the reservation after 3 hours. Gallis reserve the right to charge the renter a one day rental of the car group reserved.

Ferrying the car

In the case of ferrying the car between Greek islands, all insurances are not valid and the renter has to return the car to the pick-up station, otherwise all transportation costs will be charged to the renter. In case of an accident or mechanical problem, the car transportation back to the mainland (Gallis branch) is the renter’s responsibility and for all expenses.


You can modify your booking free of charge provided you let us know at least 7 days before the hire period is due to start.


In case you want to extend the hire period shown on your Rental Agreement you must contact us at least 2 working hours before the end of the hire period or if you have a special car, as soon as possible.

Car Rental Without Credit Card

Car rental without a credit card does not apply for vehicles of Group B and above as well as for long term rentals.
In such cases credit card is always required.
Our company reserves the right to require a credit card even for cases that are not described above.


Gallis rent a car accepts all major credit cards.

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